Sheridan Animation Portfolio 2015

Hello there! My name is Eleanor (Ellie) Morlino, and this page is dedicated to my artwork and applications... specifically my animation application for Sheridan College! I submitted the Sheridan portfolio on the 2nd of March 2015, and will get my admissions decision at the end of March!*fingers crossed* I will go into detail on all of my pieces for each section, my though process, and how I made them all, as well as the general Sheridan Application Process! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below! (I love talking to you guys!) Take a look at my other pages on here with other artwork for the other art schools I applied to and  general art pieces I am working on! Thanks for visiting! -Ellie :)

I. Life Drawing:


This is my first Human LifeDrawing, It took me about one minute which makes me a little proud! I pretty much just block shaded it super fast with my charcoal and she turned out pretty neat! I thought Sheridan might appreciate a different pose that looked alive.
This second human lifedrawing was fun! I lightly sketched the general lines and gestures in pen, then went over those with darker bolder pen lines. To shade, I used some reddish (terracotta looking) ink to lightly shade. try something like this out sometime! 
This took about 15-20 mins, I think!

I chose the last Human lifedrawing because I felt it showed a lot of construction lines and focused on linear 3D qualities while still showing character with the model's pose. 


Now my two required animal pages! 



The first animal drawing is my cat Oliver asleep, which made him way easier to draw since he wasn't moving around! He looks this cute in person as well, trust me! XD
The second page is a combination of sketches I did of goats at the Philadelphia Zoo's petting zoo. I was nervous about putting it in as an animal piece because there was more than one sketch of the goats on the page, but I called the Sheridan animation department and they said it was fine as long as it was the same animal. So it worked out well! Goats are really fun to draw!

Hand Drawings...................................

Both of these Drawings are basically a hand flicking open a fan. It was hard thinking of an original idea since all the ideas I was thinking of had been used before. I didn't own a fan, so I went into Philadelphia's Chinatown to get one!

II. Animation and Character Design:

                                 Character Rotation.......................

This was hard! I had never done a character rotation before this, so it took me a while. I got my friend to stand in this pose and turn around so i could get the general stuff right and then just made edits to that to suit my adorable guy right here! 

Action Pose Sheets........................
"Aww! That baby Raccoon is so adorable!"
My guy discovers a baby Raccoon......
"...But his mom isn't!"
He takes off with the baby raccoon! Yep, that's pretty much it. XD

Expression Sheet.........

I think these turned out pretty swell! I tried to keep them loose as well...The angry face is definitely my favorite face!

III. Storyboarding: 

These were so much fun!  I chose to do both characters because I felt that Bagel and Earl really belonged together (I know it sounds corny but hey, that's how I feel!).  Here's each panel a little larger in order....

IV. Layout:
Household Objects...................

....before Oliver goes on his rampage......

...and after!

Room Drawings.....................

So here are my two room drawings! These are done in my kitchen, which is hands down the most interesting room in my house with all of the cool geometric lines and shapes. Plus, we have a huge mirror in there so I definitely took advantage of that and forced my sister to stand on a chair like she was holding the mirror up so that I could get the room from her view. These drawings took FOREVERRR but turned out great! I had to sit on my kitchen counter for one drawing and then behind my sister for the other! Definitely use family members and pets (like my dog Pippa in drawing 2)! In picture one, i am drawing the scene (that's my fat head in the foreground hehe) and drawing two is my sister's view of the room looking through the kitchen mirror. I have my guidelines in blue so sheridan can tell how I got the awkward perspectives. I'm not very good with detail usually, but these turned out nice in my opinion! If you get up close and look at each picture, you can see in the picture frames little hints to pieces of art that also used mirrors, like Van Eyck's Arnolfini Wedding and Velasquez's Las Meninas! I hope they noticed at Sheridan! The top picture is smaller so you can see both at the same time to get a feel for what I was doing.

V. Personal Artwork:

I know Sheridan still likes to see more stuff like their requirements so I put in another animal drawing!

Here's another room drawing I did, of my stairwell! I am sitting on the sofa in the living room looking up at my dog Penny at the top of the stairs.

                                             Some Life drawings of Moose and Buffalo

                                    A Life Drawing of my art school in Philadelphia

And finally.... My Self Portrait!

That's It! I know you had a lot of scrolling, but I hope it was worth it!
I will let you know if I get accepted or rejected to the program! If you have any questions or comments about my work or the process or anything, let me know!
Comment on this website below, or send me an email!(
UPDATE: Unfortunately I did not get in, I was .05 away from the waiting list! But i still feel that this process was a really good experience for me and has improved my art! Check out my scores below:


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  2. Great portfolio. I really dig your self portrait and your life drawings. Good luck!

  3. wow Ellie, Great job! Some really unique idea and concepts. Great line work too. Wishing you luck. Not long to wait now:)

  4. wow Ellie, Great job! Some really unique idea and concepts. Great line work too. Wishing you luck. Not long to wait now:)

  5. The story-boarding is great:)